2016’s Top Commercial Interior Design Trends

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Commercial Interior Design Trends 2016
Commercial interior design has always been something of a balancing act, with designers aiming to create engaging workplaces, which allow businesses to operate smoothly, while also remaining as cost-effective as possible. It is also an area of design which is changing all the time, as tastes evolve and new trends start to emerge.

Here, we look at some of the top commercial interior design trends you can expect to see in 2016.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

In recent years, commercial interior designers have placed an emphasis on natural elements within the workplace, and continued research is going to ensure that 'biophilic design' is one of the key commercial design trends of 2016, effectively bringing outdoor or 'natural' elements inside.

A case study, highlighted in a recent Human Spaces report, demonstrates the importance of workplace biophilia. The Genzyme Corporation carefully designed its headquarters, ensuring it had lots of natural light, views of the outside and an indoor garden. After 18 months, 88 percent of workers said the natural elements improved their well-being.

Contorted or Wavy Interior Surfaces

Another major trend we can expect to see throughout 2016 is the use of contorted interior surfaces, making the most of new design technology. The theory here is that more interesting interior structures can help to foster a more creative atmosphere, while the materials used in construction have excellent fire resistance properties.

"The use of 3D computer programs to assist in the creation of architectural designs has transformed commercial interiors, allowing for more creative, dynamic space," says Grace Lennon, Senior Designer at CallisonRTKL. "[Designers can] blur the boundary between digital and physical realities."

Adjustable Furniture

In years gone by, furniture choices were primarily influenced by cost and aesthetic quality. However, with an influx of studies showing the dangers of poor quality furniture, and with reports highlighting the subsequent cost to businesses through staff absenteeism, interior designers are now placing comfort first.

This means that throughout the year, we can expect to see many more organisations adopting things like adjustable arm and head rests on seats, as well as work stations which can be adjusted, allowing for easy transition between standing and sitting. It is hoped this will lead to increased productivity, fewer staff absences and improved morale.

Posted 23rd May, 2016

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