5 Success Factors Every Event Company Should Focus on

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Event marketing, when carried out correctly, can produce excellent results for businesses, allowing them to gain valuable face-to-face time with potential customers, business partners and even the media. Nevertheless, successful events rely on a number of critical success factors (CSFs) being met.

Below, we outline five success factors that every event company needs to focus on in order to get the most from their exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business dinners and virtual events.

1. Planning

Success within the field of event marketing largely relies upon planning and Klaxon, a London-based marketing agency, suggests beginning this at least 16 weeks in advance. During this phase, you need to create a timeline, choose a location, set a budget, assign staff roles and come up with a comprehensive design brief.

2. Marketing

Attendance at your event relies on getting the message out in the first place and even at events like trade shows, the average attendee already knows 75 percent of the stands they want to visit, according to Skyline. Social media and trade show publications are both excellent places to advertise an event and generate a buzz.

"The event organiser can often give you a list of journalists and editors who will be at the event," says Ken Gaebler, CEO of Walker Sands. "Reach out to them in advance and schedule a meeting. Often [this] can result in a feature article that highlights your company."

3. Design

Another important success factor is the design of your event. You want to make a positive impression on attendees, while also conveying your values and generating increased brand awareness. At physical events like exhibitions, the aesthetic appeal on your stand could have a huge bearing on whether people even want to engage with your business, and your chosen design also needs to accommodate any exhibition services you wish to offer.

4. Lead Generation

While building brand awareness is an admirable goal for business events, the main aim will usually be to generate leads or sales. In particular, qualified leads should be the target. Research shows that only around a third of businesses have a lead-scoring or ranking process, so getting this right could give you a competitive edge.

5. Follow Up

Finally, your post-event actions will go a long way towards deciding whether your event succeeds. Leads are pointless unless they are followed up, and most leads may need to be contacted multiple times. Yet, according to a EXHIBITOR Sales Lead survey, more than 30 percent of companies have no formalised follow up process.

Posted 21st October, 2016

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