7 Top Reasons Why Exhibitors Choose Modular Exhibition Stands

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Modular Exhibition Stand

Exhibition or trade show marketing allows businesses to showcase their products, services and brand, while gaining invaluable face-to-face time with potential customers and business partners. However, these events can be very competitive and attendees rarely get a chance to visit every exhibition stand on offer.

As a result, the actual design of the stand is very important, as it must be able to attract attention and convey brand values, while still remaining cost-effective. For many businesses, a modular exhibition stand design is the preferred option. In this blog post, we give seven reasons why this is the case.

1. Affordable

One of the most significant reasons businesses opt for modular exhibition stands over custom-built stands is their affordability. Although modular stands are not as cheap as pop-up or banner stands, they occupy the middle ground option, meaning they are more affordable than custom stands, without sacrificing quality.

2. Reusable

Another key factor in the decision to choose a modular stand is their ability to be reused. This is especially beneficial to companies that are planning to attend more than one exhibition or trade show, as it means they avoid having to pay for a completely new stand each time.

3. Professional

Successful exhibition marketing relies on an exhibition stand that makes a positive impact on people and modular stands offer the benefit of looking very professional, especially when compared to pop-up stands. This means they will be well-placed to generate attention, footfall and business leads.

4. Flexible

In addition to being reusable, modular stands are also extremely flexible, because they are built in sections. This means sections can be added and removed easily, based on the amount of floor space allocated. Meanwhile, graphics and technology can be easily changed too, allowing for a slightly different exhibition stand design each time.

5. Convenient

Planning for an exhibition can be stressful, but modular stands offer the benefit of convenience, because they are relatively easy to transport, install and make changes to. This ensures that any external costs associated with setting the stand up, taking it back down and getting it to and from the venue are kept to a minimum.

6. Eco-Friendly

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to showcase green credentials and a modular exhibition stand design can help here too. As most of the materials associated with the stand can be re-used, the carbon footprint associated with their use is reduced, while they can also be constructed from environmentally-friendly materials.

7. Low-Risk

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why businesses use modular exhibition stands is because they are a relatively low-risk option, offering the best reward-to-risk ratio. In the end, they provide a better aesthetic than pop-up stands, while being more cost-effective than custom-built stands.


When planning an exhibition marketing campaign, the choice of stands is one of the most important decisions facing marketers, because they need to draw attention away from other stands at the event. Ultimately, many opt for modular stands, due to their combination of affordability, flexibility, adaptability and convenience. These qualities help to make them the sensible middle-ground option between pop up and custom stands, offering the best reward-to-risk ratio. Furthermore, their ability to be reused offers environmental advantages and ensures they are a cost-effective, long-term solution as well.

Posted 16th November, 2017

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