Bespoke Exhibition Design: Where to Start

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Bespoke exhibition stands attract attention and get people to talk to you and then talk about you and your product after they have left.

These successful, eye-catching stands do not just happen by chance. Instead they must be designed carefully to ensure that they are suitable and most effective for the product or service and the location.

It is possible to use a generic show stand but this is unlikely to show off your brand to its full potential and take advantage of every opportunity that an exhibition can provide. A bespoke design, however, can reflect your service or product perfectly, if you plan well and enlist the right help.

Factors to Consider

Before even beginning to consider the details of the stand itself, it is important to look closely at the product or service you want to present and calculate the type of area that will be required to show it off to the best advantage. For example, a moving robot would need plenty of free space to show off its skills.

Next, consider the type of exhibition that is taking place and what type of visitor will be there. Will you be dealing with members of the public, colleagues in the trade, or mainly business people? Is the exhibition being held indoors or outside? Is there a large space available or is it a small arena where every inch will count?

It is also essential to consider the outcomes that you are hoping to achieve as this may dictate elements of the stand that need to be included in the design. If you are planning to have consumers signing documents, for example, you will need somewhere for them to sit comfortably. If you will want them to take part in physical demonstration, you will require the space to do this.

Your stand will need to be innovative and individual but it also needs to be practical. You will need to consider the flow of visitors around it and the user experience.

Other important factors to consider include the budget you have available and how long you want the stand to last. Budgetary considerations can be difficult, but consider the alternative of trusting your whole brand to a generic stand that has not been created specifically for you.

Call in the Professionals

Designing a stand may seem like a simple task, especially for those people with creative or marketing knowledge, but exhibition services professionals are experts in the field and can maximise the potential of your presence hugely. They can also simplify the process by offering a complete service, from design to the actual production of the stand.

You may believe that no one can know your brand or your objectives as well as you do, but these professionals will make it their business to get to know you and your product or service in order to achieve the best possible results. Remember, it will be their work and reputation on show at the event as well as yours.

The cost of these event professionals may seem like an expensive addition to your budget, but it is important to consider the alternative. Producing an exhibition stand is never a cheap business and producing a poor quality one that will not achieve a good return on your investment is false economy.

Posted 23rd November, 2015

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