Boost Your Sales With These Remarkable Exhibition Marketing Tactics

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Exhibition Marketing Strategy

A business or event company may engage in exhibition marketing for a whole host of reasons, including building brand awareness and developing new connections with potential partners. However, one of the most common motivations is chasing leads, with a view to eventually making sales.

Below, we look at some top tips to increase the likelihood of successfully selling your products.

1. Less Is Often More

Many companies exhibiting at trade shows feel the need to squeeze in as many of their products as possible, in an effort to showcase them. However, this can be a mistake, because it often creates a cramped exhibition stand, which feels uninviting. Instead, take fewer products and use videos or leaflets to show off your full product range.

"Think about retail when you're designing the floor plan for your booth," says Kristie Burch writing for JDA Promo Solutions. "If at all possible, create a layout that invites people in and gives them room to hang around."

2. Advertising Your Presence

Research highlights the importance of letting people know about your exhibit in advance. In fact, most attendees only visit 10 percent of the total number of stands at an exhibition and, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, roughly 70 percent of attendees make a list of the stands they wish to visit beforehand.

This means that, in order to even be in the position to reach out to most potential customers, you should use social media, trade publications and other techniques to advertise your appearance.

3. Great Stand Design

In addition to getting the layout right, you need to work with a company offering design and other exhibition services to get the physical appearance of your stand right. Generally speaking, unless your brand is extremely well known, your signage should contain much more than just your company name - it should describe what you do.

Ultimately, your stand needs to be eye-catching and able to attract the attention of passers-by, but still in-keeping with your overall branding strategy, so try to involve your marketing department in the decision-making.

4. The Follow Up Process

Attracting people to your stand is one thing, but in most cases, to actually generate sales, you need to have a good follow up process. Usually, this will be carried out via email or over the phone and follow up should be personal, using the person's name and, if at all possible, referencing conversations you had.

Yet, industry research suggests 75 percent of leads are not followed up, and Marketing Donut suggest that many leads need to be followed up six times before a successful sale can be made, so you must be persistent.

Posted 30th January, 2017

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