Bored With Your Office Walls? Discover The Changes You Could Make With Some Clever Branding!

Category: Office Design

Branding can be applied to many areas, but it is a shame to restrict it to the standard channels of the marketing mix. You can achieve great results by rethinking your office or work environment's look and feel by simply focusing on walls or partitions. These allow to inject some fantastic 'on-brand' high-impact features, which will not only have a positive effects on your visitors, but also boos staff morale. Here a few examples of what we did for Mazda's office walls to get you started...

Inspiring typography to bring brand values to life

Wall Mural combined with 'stand out' lettering to attract visitors' attention to the brand's heritage

High-impact wall signage, mixing textures, lighting and typography to create a 'Hero Feature' within your key office area

Create a stunning feature with the brand's logo in the reception area's wall

Turn an ordinary wall into a show stopper using stand out features and a backdrop image

Feature a light box to reinforce the brand's image and values

Create a feature with a partition wall that lets the light in and includes branding elements

Simply drop some well chosen frames onto a floating shelf to create a stylish feature and turn an ordinary white wall into a focus point

Use staff image to make a stylish collage to boost morale and create a real sense of belonging

Posted 25th November, 2015

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