Commissioning An Exhibition Stand? Here’s Our Essential Checklist

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There are many factors which contribute towards the eventual success or failure of an exhibition marketing campaign, but the stand itself is one of the most important elements. Although exhibition stands come in various shapes and sizes, there are a number of constants in terms of preparation, which must be taken care of.

Here, we have compiled a checklist of essential points to consider and decide upon before commissioning an exhibition stand. This checklist can be utilised to make sure you have covered all of the important aspects before formally approaching an exhibition design company.


Before you get into the exciting creative part of your design process, you need to think about the logistics and provide your design company with as much of this information as possible.

  • Budget - How much do you have to spend on the design part of the project? Letting the design company know your budget prevents them from overspending and allows them to raise any concerns they have.
  • Deadline - What is the deadline for the company returning their proposal to you? When does the final project need to be completed? Giving clear deadlines is an essential part of the planning process and if a company cannot work to your deadline, you need to consider changing it or trying a different design firm.
  • Location - The design company needs to be informed of the location of your exhibition as early as possible. This will help them to work out the cost of transporting the stand, etc.


Next, you need to think about the specific requirements of your stand. This will largely depend on the trade show you are attending, the types of exhibition services you are planning on providing, as well as the amount of space your business is going to be allocated at the event.

  • Stand Type - What type of stand do you want? If you have a large budget and want to make a big impression, you may opt for a custom or bespoke stand. If you want to re-use the stand in future, however, you might instead choose a modular stand. Finally, if your budget is small, a pop-up is probably the way to go.
  • Stand Size - You will need to have a clear idea of exactly how big you want the stand to be. You will need to check with the venue to make sure your stand can be accommodated. Do not forget to provide a preference for how tall you want the stand to be. Many design companies offer several different options here.
  • Floor Plan - You should also consider creating a floor plan with the designers as early as possible in order to get an idea of size and functionality needed. Most of the time, the initial floor plan will get modified in order to achieve a final draft that works for the business’ needs on the day.

Design Elements

Next, you need to think about the key design elements. Any good exhibition stand has clear visual appeal, so you need to make your stand look attractive, but you also need to think about branding, about your company values and about ways to stand out from the numerous other stands that will be at the event.

  • Graphics - You need to consider the graphics and logos you want to appear on the stand. Do you have a specific colour scheme you want designers to stick to? What about fonts? How many times do you want your company logo to appear? Do you have stock graphics and visual identity guidelines you would like to use?
  • Screens - Many modern stands utilise television screens, touch screens, iPads or other devices to convey information. Does your stand require any of these things to be built in? If so, how many screens do you need and how big do they need to be?
  • Areas - Think about the different areas you need within your exhibition space. Do you need a reception area? Hospitality? Storage space? Seating areas? Private rooms? Remember, your staff are going to be at the stand all day, so you need to make sure they are taken care of.
  • Products - Finally, think about the products you are planning on exhibiting, if any. How do you want them to be displayed? Whereabouts in the stand should they be on display? Do you want to give away samples? Where will these be kept? In most cases, you will want your product(s) to take centre stage, so do not overlook this aspect.

Posted 7th November, 2016

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