Creative Exhibition Stand Ideas for 2017

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Creative Exhibition Stands

Success in exhibition marketing depends on many factors, but the stand itself is one of the most important. In order to attract visitors, your display needs to stand out from competitors and offer something different. Here are some creative ideas you can use for your exhibition stands in 2017.

Touchdown Spots

Assuming you have the space, one very simple idea to get people to spend time at your stand is to include a touchdown spot, where visitors can recharge their phones, use wi-fi to read their emails, and maybe even have a quick drink or snack. The trick? Don't give anything away without getting their details.

For example, you might offer wi-fi access or a free snack to anyone who leaves their contact details. If your staff take the right approach, you can even use this time to speak to some visitors in greater depth about the products and services your business provides.

Graffiti Walls

Digital graffiti walls incorporated into exhibition stands are a great way to quickly gain attention and generate a buzz. These walls allow visitors to write or draw on a digital screen, which can be easily edited or erased, eradicating the mess typically associated with graffiti. You can even include pre-made stencils or logos.

Including an interactive element like this is a simple way to keep people at your stand for longer, but one of the biggest plus points of a graffiti wall is the fact that people like to share what they create. The screens can be set up to automatically brand the artwork and share it on Facebook, giving you free advertising.

Photo Booths

Much like digital graffiti walls, photo booths can attract people easily and the resulting photos can be easily branded before they are shared. There are many creative ways that exhibition stand builders can include a photo booth within their space, and the potential uses go much further.

"Invite delegates to have their photo taken... and ask them to think of a caption for the photo that relates back to your brand," suggests Martin Walker, writing or Torpedo Group. "These photos and captions can then be streamed online and displayed on a large screen at the exhibition."

Virtual Reality

Over the past year, technology companies have made huge strides forwards with virtual reality. Meanwhile, social networks like Facebook have placed a greater focus on 360 degree photos and videos. These two technology trends can be brought together at an exhibition stand in 2017.

The novelty of VR helmets is still sufficient to draw people in and they can then enable visitors to become fully immersed in your products or services. This means your business and its offerings will get their undivided attention.

iBeacon Technology

Lastly, 2016 has been a big year for iBeacon technology, with an increasing number of retail stores recognising the benefits of alerting people in the nearby area to special offers. The exact same logic can be applied to the exhibition arena in the year ahead.

By working with your exhibition stand company, you can include iBeacon technology in your design and configure it to send text alerts to passers by. Alternatively, the technology can be used to send messages to people already at the stand, keeping them there and improving your chances of making a sale.

Posted 6th March, 2017

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