Exhibition Stand Design: Top Tips To Achieve Success

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For many companies and aspiring entrepreneurs, exhibitions are one of the most important events of the year – a time to network with other competitors and partners, showcase your evolution and most importantly, draw in and engage new and current customers alike. While the heart of your substance will come from your dialogue and personality, having an exhibition stand which not only grabs the eye but enhances your product is essential. Here are a few key tips:

exhibition stand design


It’s the most important rule of them all. Analyse and focus on what is important to you and your prospective consumers, and identify what you hope to achieve at the exhibition. By establishing this well in advance, you can collaborate and add up how many leads you aspire to achieve, what material to distribute, who will be speaking, and how you can create an exhibition design which will enable you to do all of this seamlessly while maintaining a composed aesthetic.

The Look

From eye-grabbing to eye-pleasing, how your stand “stands out” is essential. It has to not only look professional, but clearly convey your company ethos, your product quality, your marketing aspirations and capabilities which appeal to the consumer. Text should always be clear, concise, and pithy, communicating everything within a few choice words, and easily visible. Once again, graphics should also be simple, original, and visible from a distance, unless the nature of your business requires them to be elaborate and detailed – in which case, make sure that the stand is still distinct at a further proximity. Lighting is another essential element, which can highlight the features you want to stand out and draw attention, or simply set the right ambience. Choose this carefully, after all – your stand is your stage.

Talking Points

This goes in hand in hand with the preparation aspect – ensure that the staff members attending the exhibition are briefed appropriately not only on what sort of information to cover, selling points to focus on, and answers to questions, but also what kind of goals you are aiming for. It’s also highly worthwhile to optimise your social media and other PR and press outlets to spread the word ahead of time, letting consumers know where you will be and what you’ll be doing – this will increase the number of people who visit the stand, and a busy stand can only get busier as more people grow curious about who is attracting the crowds.


During the event itself, don’t lose sight of the target and what you are there to prove. Motivate and re-brief your team members for some positive energy and get ready to steal the show! Make sure that your customers and visitors always feel welcome; invest time in getting to know them and what makes them tick, and how your company can play a role in that.

Both during and after the event, maintain a constant stream of communication with your audience with all your outlets – tweet your success, and thank your visitors for showing up. Follow-ups are just as important to the event as the event itself, so be timely. This is also an optimal time to gain valuable feedback from clients and competitors, which will fuel your chances of success at the next show and drive the next brainstorming process, so take advantage!

By utilizing these tips efficiently, you will see your presence garner a greater outreach and overall success for your company – simply by making that one day count.

Posted 12th October, 2015

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