Exhibition Stands: How To Achieve A Successful Balance Between Design and Functionality

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BridgeStreet Global's Exhibition Stand Design

A successful exhibition will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of your products or services, your pre-event marketing, your follow up and the professionalism of your staff. However, arguably the most significant and decisive factor of all is your exhibition stand design.

Most attendees visit less than 10 percent of the total number of stands and are only going to have time to make a very quick and superficial judgement. Therefore, your stand needs to be visually appealing, attract attention and communicate your business values. With that being said, it is essential to balance design with functionality.

Here, we look at how the balance can be achieved by examining a stand created by Enigma Visual Solutions on behalf of BridgeStreet Global. The stand was utilised at the Business Travel Show, held at Olympia, London.

Catching the Eye

At any exhibition event, your stand will be in direct competition with other companies, so it needs to be able to catch the eye. However, this can be achieved while also offering genuine function. Modular exhibition stands are ideal for this, because they have an interesting shape and are versatile enough to be adapted based on business needs.

BridgeStreet Global's exhibition stand design for the Business Travel Show was able to catch the eye through a number of functional elements. For example, the large digital screens were able to attract attention, while also displaying important information about the business and its offerings. A key benefit of using this type of screen is that it can serve a similar function to traditional signage, but the information displayed can be adapted to the company’s needs on the day.

The stand made intelligent use of limited graphics and muted tones, which helped to create a clean aesthetic and communicate the key ideas that would encourage people to visit the stand, while avoiding overwhelming people. Indeed, it is often the case that the best exhibition stand branding is understated, rather than in-your-face.

Friendly and Inviting

One of the big successes of the BridgeStreet Global stand was that it appeared to be both friendly and inviting. This is paramount, because catching people's eye is one thing, but encouraging them to actually spend time at a stand is quite another. Again, this was achieved through a combination of aesthetic appeal and useful function.

The coffee point, for instance, encouraged people to stop by and this was complimented by a lounge area, which enticed people to stay and have casual, social conversations with staff, in a relaxing environment.

Moreover, the arch over the lounge area served a vital double function. The roof of the arch featured spotlighting, helping to create the ideal ambience for the lounge area, while the outside wall of the arch provided great placement for one of the flat screens, helping to get the attention of the flowing traffic outside the stand.

Positive Feedback

Although custom exhibition stands provide the greatest level of customisation, modular exhibition stands are very adaptable and offer the benefit of being easy to assemble. Enigma Visual Solutions offer a full exhibition turn key solution, taking clients through from concept to design and construction, installation and de-rigging.

The stand designed for BridgeStreet Global was exceptionally well-received by the client company, with the feedback stating it was the 'best stand we've had at the show'. They were especially impressed with the graphics.

However, what truly set the stand apart and guaranteed its success was that everything had a purpose and many elements had multiple purposes. Ultimately, the key to balancing design with functionality is to plan the design of the stand carefully, think things through and ensure each feature is there for a reason.


Design feature that made all the difference:

  • The coffee point attracted many visitors to the stand
  • The lounge area allowed casual and socialable meetings
  • Colours: mutted tones within the brand colours
  • Large digital screens attracted attention

BridgeStreet Global

5mx5m exhibition stand at Olympia

At the Business Travel Show

Feedback from the client: “Exceptionally well received by the client, with comments ranging from ‘best stand we’ve had at the show’ to ‘love how the graphics turned out’.

Full exhibition package, concept, designed, prebuilt, installed and derigged.

Posted 19th June, 2017

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