Exhibition Stands: It’s All About Having the Right Attitude!

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Planning a tradeshow or exhibition takes commitment and dedication if you want your event to be a success. Managing a large 30 or 40 foot space and ensuring that all the potential clients or customers that spend time at your exhibition space are correctly communicated with by your event marketing team can be a lot of hard work. It can be tempting to only focus on those people you feel will generate immediate positive leads: however to do so would be short sighted, and would be a mistake.

A Friendly and Positive Approach

Exhibition stand success is all about having the right attitude, and that positive and friendly approach needs to be applied to every single individual who chooses to visit your stand. Focusing only on those individuals who you feel will bring immediate revenue success will look both ill-mannered and actually turn off potential clients and ultimately damage your brand.

Instead, all exhibition attendees should be treated in the same friendly, positive and thoughtful manner, and you should ensure that there is consistency amongst all of your event staff to ensure that your event is a success.

Focusing on Body Language

Although the design and style of your exhibition stand is likely to initially attract attendees to your stand, once they reach it they will look to your event staff for a reason to stay and spend time on it. That means that body language and immediate engagement, where possible, is absolutely key. Each attendee that chooses to visit your exhibition stand should be greeted, and no matter whether you gain a positive lead from their visit or not, you should still thank each attendee for choosing to spend time on your stand as they arrive and as they leave.

You should also ensure that event staff are always ready to talk to potential new customers, rather than each other, so when attendees approach the stand they appear open, easily approachable and ready to engage. Looking approachable is easier than you might think: ensure your arms are open, rather than folded across your chest and look out into the crowd rather than down or towards your own exhibition stand, so that you are ready to greet people. Finally, stand up so that you are always at people’s eye level and can easily attract attention and make eye contact; you should only choose to sit down if you’re potential customer indicates that they would like to do so too.

Engagement is Key

The most important element event staff need to focus on is to engage with potential leads: for the purpose of an exhibition or tradeshow, everyone is a potential lead, be that over the short or long term. Because most tradeshows are field specific, almost all people attending them could benefit from learning more about your product: leaving those people with new information about your brand and a positive impression of you is crucial, regardless of whether that converts to a sale. If the team manning your event stand aren’t usually a part of your business, then you should ensure they are provided with a script so that they can answer any questions potential customers might have: if they are unable to answer a question they should also know who and where a more expert source of knowledge is based so they never have to turn potential leads away.

Posted 11th December, 2015

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