Riding the Crest of the Wave - Developing Interruptive Experiential Customer Engagement for Virgin Media

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Virgin Media operate around 140 retail sites across the United Kingdom, and around 20 percent of those are shopping centre kiosks, with further expansion planned. However, securing space in premium shopping centres is no easy task, as landlords invest large amounts and want to see designs which stand out and compliment their vision.

The company knew they needed to refresh their kiosks, in order to turn heads and increase footfall. Yet, crucially, the new kiosks also needed to satisfy landlords, convey core brand values and be instantly recognisable as belonging to Virgin Media, even with the logo obscured or otherwise hidden from a potential customer's line of sight.

Enigma partnered with Virgin Media to create the new Virgin Media Wave Bar and deliver interruptive experiential customer engagement opportunities for the brand in highly competitive retail settings. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the project, its challenges, the solution and the results that have been generated.

The Challenge

The main challenge for Virgin Media's kiosks is standing out in a positive way. After all, their typical surroundings place them in direct competition with an abundance of other retail outlets. Moreover, several competitors also employ interruptive sales methods, meaning Virgin Media's kiosks need to draw the eye, even in busy settings.

Kiosks play an especially important role in helping Virgin Media to engage with completely new customers, as well as existing ones. To actually achieve this, they need to be visually impressive and intriguing, stopping potential customers in their tracks and encouraging them to deviate from where they were originally going.

In addition, the new Virgin Media kiosk needed to allow customers and staff to move around freely, without needed to have a premium quality finish - all while looking aesthetically pleasing when viewed from all sides, and even from above. It was decided that would be preferable to traditional cubes for this reason.

The Solution

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Keen to deliver the best finished product possible, Enigma worked closely with the new Retail Environment team at Virgin Media, as well as landlords like Hammerson. Through this teamwork, it was easier to follow the guidelines of both parties and involve them both in the design process itself.

Working with landlords was especially important, because it meant the Virgin Media Wave Bar kiosks could be integrated into the retail settings effectively, with minimal disruption. It also meant the landlords were able to see precisely how the design would help to enhance their real estate and engage shoppers.

The finished product has a distinctive appearance, helping to stand out from rivals and interrupt customers in a positive way. Nevertheless, the colour scheme and aesthetic are in-keeping with what customers expect from a Virgin Media kiosk, ensuring familiarity and maximising the benefits gained from existing brand recognition.

The Results

Initially, an order of 10 Virgin Media Wave Bars was placed, with these being implemented in premium retail locations across the country. The results were impressive, with positive feedback from both customers and sales representatives, and Virgin Media subsequently decided to replace all retail kiosks with the new Wave Bar.

Crucially, footfall to the kiosks has increased dramatically since the introduction of the new design, as has the total number of customer interactions. Furthermore, company sales reps have reported that customers are, on average, spending more time at the new kiosks and are making more enquiries about Virgin Media products and services.

Feedback from landlords has also been extremely positive, and has contributed towards increased engagement between them and Virgin Media. In fact, Hammerson the Virgin Media Wave Bar in promotional material as an example of how to deliver a world-class experience for customers.

The Final Word

Enigma partnered with Virgin Media to help the brand refresh its mall kiosks, allowing them to provide a more interruptive and engaging experience for customers. The finished product, the new Virgin Media Wave Bars, instant recognition for the brand, but have also increased footfall and customer engagement.

"Enigma has designed, developed and executed a wide range of new concepts for Virgin Media," says Kersteen McConnell, Senior Retail Environment Manager for Virgin Media. "We set them a challenge to create an exciting design that would develop the future of Virgin Media kiosks. As usual, Enigma were keen to meet our expectationswhich resulted in the execution of the Wave Bar, which has proved to be a huge success."

Posted 26th November, 2018

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