The Five Golden Rules Of Office Refurbishments

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Office Refurbishment

During the planning stages of an office refurbishment, it is surprisingly easy to lose sight of the big picture and become side-tracked with insignificant issues. Ultimately, the purpose of your refurbishment is to make better use of your space, so that your workplace becomes a more productive and more pleasant environment. In particular, it is important to work your way through the five golden rules of office refurbishments.

1. Don't Jump In Without a Comprehensive Workplace Assessment

Workspace Assessment

The first step is to carry out a full assessment of your current workspace, getting insight from your own team, as well as staff members. Which things work well? Which things need to change? Do you have any issues with things like disabled access? Do you need additional storage space? By asking these key questions, you can clearly identify the goals for your refurbishment and use them to inform your plans.

2. You Must Establish a Clear Budget

Office Refurbishment Budget

Next, you need to discuss your project with your finance department and decide upon a budget, which you then need to try and stick to. When pinpointing your budget, you should discuss the scope of your intended refurbishment, consider what your business can afford to spend, and think about how much it is sensible to spend on the changes you need to make. Just because you can afford to spend a certain amount, doesn't necessarily mean you should.

3. Employee Wellbeing Should Be a Top Priority

Employee Wellness

Over recent years, various office design studies have shown the benefits of focusing on the wellbeing of your staff, in terms of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover. Consider things like the amount of natural light that will get into the office, whether the colour scheme you have chosen has any negative psychological effects and how comfortable workstations are for staff.

4. Planning For the Future Is Essential

Office Redesign

You need to carry out your refurbishment with one eye on the future. A failure to do so may mean that you need to carry out yet another refurbishment as your business expands, your activities change or new technology is introduced. Think in terms of flexibility. Could you add an extra five work stations without requiring another re-design? Could you re-allocate one of the lesser-utilised rooms to make additional floor space?

5. You Need to Find the Right Design Company

Office Refurbishment Company

Once you have settled on exactly what you want to achieve, you need to work with the right partners to bring your plans to life. When choosing a office refurbishment company, you need to discuss your project with them, establish whether they can carry it out within your budget, and consider their areas of expertise. Speak to multiple companies, ask to see examples of similar projects and settle on the one that seems like the best all-round fit.

Posted 8th August, 2016

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