Going Green - AngloAmerican’s Hyundai ix35

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As a company proud of its green credentials, we were excited to be involved in branding the AngloAmerican’s Hyundai ix35. In conjunction with the London Hydrogen Network Expansion project, AngloAmerican have leased the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell for use in London over the next four years. It’s one of only 6 in the world, a product of 50 years research and worth £150,000. The car runs solely on hydrogen, emitting clean water and zero pollutants – it really is as green as green can be!

Vehicle Branding

The detailed and intricate artwork was printed onto the special Grafitype car vinyl on our state of the art printer, the Mimaki JV33. Once completed and approved, our vehicle branding team applied the graphics here at Enigma HQ.

Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the use of vehicle branding. As with AngloAmerican, it is adopted as a strategic and versatile communication platform to complement other marketing activity.

Vehicle Graphics

Bespoke graphics can be applied to any vehicle from cars and lorries to private jets. Most fleets can reach thousands of people everyday and in using them as a marketing tool they can reach audiences at a fraction of outdoor media rates.

Here at Enigma, we work with clients to create a unique design or we can take your existing artwork and roll it out across your fleet. Our branding team takes care of all the details; from logistics, studio design through to application resulting in a seamless experience that ensures vehicles are off the road for the shortest time possible.

Vehicle Graphics and Branding

AngloAmerican was delighted with the graphics and our swift turn around time. Their Hyundai ix35 is being used in and around London to support the early adoption and commercial success of hydrogen powered Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) in the UK.

Posted 12th May, 2015

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