How About Choosing a Themed Exhibition Stand Design In 2018?

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Themed Exhibition Stand Design 2018

For any exhibition marketing expert or event company, the design of an exhibition stand is of critical importance. After all, in many cases, your exhibition stand is what customers will use to formulate their first impressions of your entire business, so it is crucial to make the right kind of impact.

In today's environment, products and services alone are not enough to gain a competitive advantage; customers or clients want the whole package. When it comes to experiential or exhibition marketing, this means they want to see innovation and something which stands out, which is why custom exhibition stands are growing in popularity.

This article explores the benefits of themed custom exhibition stands in attracting attention, making a positive impression and providing a brand experience, rather than a simple showcase.

First Impressions Count

One of the biggest benefits to themed exhibition stands is the ability to make a positive first impression. Themed stands tend to stand out from the pack, with the majority opting for more conventional modular stands, and they can also quickly convey information about your brand and its values, making it more appealing.

This is especially useful at large trade shows or events, where it may be necessary to compete for attention with a variety of other exhibiting businesses, products and services.

In fact, Enigma's research shows that most trade show attendees visit fewer than 10 percent of the stands at the event, and most attendees also go with a clear idea in mind of the stands they want to see. This is backed up by an article from, which states that 70 percent of attendees plan a list of stands they want to visit in advance.

What these statistics show is that the opportunity to attract casual passers-by at an exhibition or trade show event is actually much smaller than people may initially think. In order to do so, you need to really stand out from the crowd and potentially make such a strong impression that people deviate from their original plans.

Branding Opportunities

In addition to simply looking attractive and helping to make an exhibition stand more appealing to those walking past, themed exhibition stand designs have the potential to convey something about your brand, such as its values, its products, its branding, or even aspects of company culture.

An example of the range of possibilities can be seen with a collection of designs for Coca-Cola, created by the design expert Bahaa ElDin Mohamed. One of the designs incorporates the company's products into the stand very clearly, with a Coca-Cola Zero can function as the main body of the booth. Meanwhile, another of the designs has a bar or diner theme, which again helps to convey the brand identity very clearly.

Of course, the theme chosen for your exhibition stand does not necessarily need to be directly related to your products or services. For example, if you are attending a trade show in December, you may opt for a Christmas theme, while you may also wish to tie your design with a major sporting event.

In some situations, there may even be a broad theme established for the trade show or exhibition you are attending. When this is the case, the theme can then be manipulated to fit with your brand and its messaging.

A Tangible Experience

Finally, a business or event company opting for a themed exhibition stand can also help to create something a little more tangible for visitors to experience, allowing them to truly get a feel for what you represent. This is often the real goal behind the exhibition and event marketing - allowing visitors to actually experience a brand.

The benefits of experiential marketing are numerous, but include the ability to form deeper, more meaningful connections with customers, who then form the kind of emotional ties that bring about true loyalty. By creating a themed stand design, an exhibition can become more memorable and this attachment can be made stronger.

In actual fact, according to a study carried out by Eventtrack, 74 percent of attendees had a more positive perception of a brand after attending an experiential activation event. This shows the power that exhibition and event marketing can have in actually improving opinions and perceptions about a business.

Through intelligent use of exhibition stand design and a cohesive theme, this experience can have a greater impact, can be made more memorable and can be made to feel less like advertising and more like part of a genuine, two-way relationship, where businesses are more than providers of products and customers are more than buyers.

Posted 30th April, 2018

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