How Bespoke Exhibition Stands Are Revolutionising The Industry

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We have recently witnessed a surge in the number of custom-made exhibition stands on display at promotional events all over the world. This trend is transforming our understanding of what makes a professional and effective display, and some experts and marketers have claimed that bespoke exhibition stands are revolutionising the exhibition industry. In this article we take a look at the various bespoke stands available and at their potential benefits.

British Gas Exhibition StandThe trend

Over the past year, exhibitors have been increasingly showing their preference for custom-built stands. For example, the Exhibition News website recently reported that custom stands are one of the fastest-growing areas in the global exhibition industry. This is partly the result of an increasing demand for stands that can accommodate high-quality graphics and that can help save exhibitors substantial amounts of time and money. Several types of custom-built exhibitions stands have been recently developed. These include:

  • Modular stands, which are more costly but offer a comprehensive solution to display and marketing needs. Modular stands are naturally versatile and are highly durable, as they often consist of an aluminum housing unit. In the long run, modular displays work out cheaper, so they are considered the number one choice for anyone looking to invest in a custom-built promotional stand.
  • Pop-up stands (also known as roll up banner stands) take the visual and artistic element to a new level with vivid images that are guaranteed to make an impact on visitors. This type of custom-built stands are compact and very easy to assemble and to transport.
  • Custom banner stands are an innovative development that is mainly used to complement brand awareness strategies. These stands can accommodate everything from traditional rigid or static banners to multimedia ads, and are affordable and eye-catching.

Virgin Media Custom Exhibition StandsThe benefits

Industry experts agree: customised stands are a crucial aspect of brand management and can complement marketing and sales strategies at promotional events large and small. This is particularly important for any firm involved in the exhibition industry, as trade shows and similar events attract hundreds or even thousands of competitors, and only those who make use of the most effective tools will stand out from the rest. Bespoke stands are therefore a valuable tool that can make a lasting impact on potential clients by unobtrusively directing their attention to the key highlights of products or services.

Moreover, bespoke stands can be easily adapted to the space or layout needs of different exhibition venues or to different content and products, as increasing the width and/or depth of a stand is easily achieved. The key word here is scalability, which is a must for exhibitors. Another benefit is that bespoke stands lend themselves to experimentation. This translates into versatility and gives exhibitors the opportunity to modify their displays according to their audience or product characteristics. Lastly, customised stands allow for the strategic positioning of products in a creative and distinctive way. This can help get your brand noticed and get your message across, freeing you or your staff to interact personally with potential clients.

It is clear that bespoke stands can have a transformative effect on your marketing efforts and sales numbers. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by custom-built stands if you are looking to have a distinctive presence at the next promotional event.

Posted 19th August, 2015

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