How Bespoke Exhibition Stands Can Add Value To Your Brand

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Dulux Exhibition Stand

Trade shows are an extremely attractive prospect for marketers, because they present an opportunity to get face to face time with potential clients, buyers and business partners, while also providing a way to increase brand awareness. In fact, 99 percent of marketers say trade shows provide unique value, according to the CEIR.

However, standing out from the crowd at trade shows presents a challenge in itself and the ultimate aim of exhibition marketing is not just to get attention, but to enhance your overall standing in your field of business. So how can using bespoke exhibition stands add extra value to your brand?

Unique Designs

Dulux Bespoke Exhibition Stand

One of the biggest ways in which a bespoke exhibition stand can add value to your brand is by its unique appearance. As bespoke stands are 100 percent custom-built, they can be created to fit just about any design brief and the final product will be distinctive from any other display at the same trade show.

This provides an opportunity to get creative with how the stand looks and match it to your company aesthetic, in order to develop brand awareness. For instance, Cartier worked with Reflex Exhibitions to create a display that included sophisticated display cases, with graphic cladding and red carpet, really capturing the brand's luxury feel.

Added Value

Dulux Display Stand

In addition to giving your display a unique visual identity, working with a custom exhibition stand builder can help to add extra value to your brand, by allowing you to reach certain other targets. For instance, some trade shows hand out awards for displays which meet specific criteria, which provides a chance for extra attention.

The Dulux stand at Ecobuild 2016 achieved this by focusing on sustainability. The brand worked with exhibition stand design specialists Enigma Visual Solutions and Initials to create a display that was distinctive, clearly represented the Dulux brand, but was also constructed from re-usable materials. It was then entered into the 'Most Sustainable Stand' award category, which it won. The result being that the Dulux brand gained press attention for promoting sustainability.

"The display structure was constructed and hand painted with Dulux paint in under 3 weeks. The exhibition stand certainly drew a crowd," Enigma Visual Solutions wrote on their blog. "After a follow up press launch event at a secondary school in London, many of the exhibits will either be reused by Dulux or donated to special causes."

Posted 24th August, 2016

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