How to Choose the Right Exhibition Stand for Your Trade Show

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Exhibition Stand

Exhibition marketing presents a huge opportunity for your business, with 92 percent of all trade show visitors looking to find new products, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. However, for exhibiting companies, a significant amount of planning is required beforehand.

In addition to deciding on products to showcase and exhibition services to invest in, you need to choose the right stand to attract attention. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of the three main options.

Pop Up Stands

The most common stand type, pop up stands are very much the entry point for exhibitors, primarily appealing to those who are new to trade show marketing, or those with a tight budget. They will typically showcase your company name and logo, and can be transported, set up and dismantled easily.

With that said, a business using a pop up stand may find it harder to stand out from the crowd, making pre-event advertising more important. In addition, they may limit your ambitions, as their simple design makes them unlikely to be able to accommodate advanced technology.

Modular Stands

Representing something of a mid-range option, modular stands are significantly more flexible than pop up stands and can often be re-used, which is great if you have plans to attend other trade shows in the future.

Generally speaking, modular stands provide your best chance of achieving a good ROI, and will open up the possibility of including more ambitious technology and exhibition services. However, they are significantly more expensive than pop up displays, so may not be the best starting point.

Bespoke Stands

Finally, if you have lofty ambitions and a big budget, a bespoke exhibition stand may be ideal. Bespoke stands can generate excellent brand awareness, can be designed to accommodate your products, services, branding and specific goals, and are more likely to attract passers-by than the alternatives.

At the same time, a bespoke exhibition stand will usually be single-use. Meanwhile, the high costs can be off-putting for some businesses, and if brand awareness isn't a priority, the price may be disproportionate to the sales benefits.

Posted 25th May, 2017

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