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Your organisation's brand is the face that it presents to the world, and an organisation has many opportunities to enhance its brand. That being the case, it's surprising how many organisations neglect the branding opportunity afforded by office design. While few organisations can afford to make office branding statements on the level that companies like Google are famous for, almost all businesses can benefit from making simple design changes to enhance their brand.

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Make the First Impression Count

In business as in every other sphere of life, first impressions linger. In terms of branding an office space, that means paying careful attention to the details that visitors notice when they first enter the space. That includes all signage, including any exterior signage, your organisation's reception area, and any other details or spaces that a visitor initially encounters.

Just as important as the décor itself is the impression made by how well the area is tended: dying plants, clutter, streaky windows may seem like little details in the grand scheme of things, but an unkempt office space sends a pretty strong message, and it's not a good one.

Choose an Appropriate Colour Scheme

Fresh paint is one of the most cost-effective décor changes in terms of the impression it creates, but it's important to choose your colour scheme carefully, because it's also one of the best branding opportunities the office provides. The right colour scheme, chosen to complement or echo your organisation's logo and other branding material, sends a powerful statement about the cohesiveness of your brand that reflects well on your company's vision.

Make Relevant Furniture Choices

Choosing office furniture isn't as easy as it used to be, simply because there's a great deal more variety these days than the standard plain-but-functional desks and chairs. However, while these decisions do require more thought, they also provide more opportunities, in terms of developing your office brand.

Office Furniture

Function and ergonomics are typically the most important considerations, of course, but even while you're emphasising utility over style, there are numerous design choices to be made. Choosing traditional office furniture, for example, can enhance the serious, professional image of a firm of accountants or lawyers, while funky modern furniture is a good pick for an organisation that wants to project a fun, innovative face to the world.

Change Up Your Office Layout

You don't have to go to extremes to create an office space that enhances productivity at the same time as it enhances a cohesive company brand. It only requires that your organisation's brand, and the image that you want it to create, is a primary consideration when considering your office layout. At this stage, it's important to remember that your office brand isn't just the face you present to clients and customers, it's also the face you present to employees. That means your office layout should facilitate the work that your employees do; for example, for an organisation where teamwork and group projects are emphasized, provide communal spaces that allow employees to collaborate whenever the need arises.

Add Details that Enhance the Overall Look

Careful attention to detail makes a good first impression, but it's also what ensures that your overall design works from the first impression to the last. Here is where you add the finishing touches, with artwork or decorative elements that complement both the colour scheme and the company's image, to create a cohesive look that says just what you want it to.

Posted 24th August, 2015

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