How Office Interiors Can Give your Office a Personality

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Office Interior Design

A company’s office is a reflection of their unique brand identity and personality. A well-designed office interior will leave the staff and clients who spend time in it feeling uplifted, and immediately aware of the corporate identity of the company they are visiting.

Good office interior design is a true art form, ensuring that employees are able to work in an environment that is relaxing, productive, and inductive to creativity. It needs to be functional but interesting, full of personality but not distracting, and most importantly, present an instant snap shot of your corporate brand identity.

How to Inject Personality Instantly

Many workplaces are very bland and lack personality because they have been painted in neutral shades of white and beige: many companies shy away from introducing colour into their office space. And yet, with clever use of your corporate colours, such as the colours you use in your logo or on your business cards, you can brighten up your office space and immediately ensure that your brand personality is reflected in your office environment. Whilst office furniture needs to be functional and, where possible consider the ergonomic needs of your employees to keep them as healthy as possible, it doesn’t need to be bland and unattractive. Think about the materials you use and pick colours that will also complement your paintwork and brand colour palette. Finally, it’s important not to think about the finishing touches added to your office interior: plants will add colour and bring freshness, whilst art work will immediately provide a talking point and showcase who your company is and what it stands for.

The Benefits of Choosing Attractive Office Interiors

There are many benefits of giving your office a personality with new office interiors and having a new office fit out. These include boosting your staff morale, creating an impactful first impression on your clients (both new and old) and giving your working environment a professional feel. All of this will lead to increased staff productivity and ensure that your brand is fully reflected in everything you do.

Posted 27th May, 2016

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