How Your Office Interiors Can Impact Your ‘Employer Brand’

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When companies think about their 'brand', they often think exclusively about corporate branding and the way the business looks to customers. However, it is equally important to maintain an 'employer brand', as this allows you to influence how people perceive you as an employer and highlight the value you have to offer potential recruits.

Your employer brand can be affected by many things, including business practices and company ethics, as well as the way in which you treat your staff and how you compensate them for their work. However, it can also be affected by your office interior design and the overall quality of your work environment.

Employee Advocacy

It has often been observed that today's customers are more cynical than in the past, and the same is true of the people you may hire. Indeed, the Edelman Trust Barometer shows that people are more likely to trust a regular employee than a CEO, and the gap in trust grew by a further 8 percent between 2009 and 2014.

What this means is that, when it comes to your employer brand and promoting your business' value to potential hires, your own employees are potentially more influential than you or other senior staff are. Therefore, to create the best possible employer brand, it is essential that your office interior design benefits existing staff.

When carrying out an office fit out project, one of the key considerations should be employee happiness. For example, recent research from Haworth shows that legible workspaces - where the layout makes sense, where people can easily see and find one another and where areas have an obvious use - keep employees happy.

Meanwhile, employee well-being is an important factor and designs should include comfortable furniture, which does not contribute to health problems, and access to things like natural light, which improves overall mood.

First Impressions

Of course, employee advocacy is just one way to build up your brand and it will not always be relevant. For example, if somebody comes to a job interview, or visits your work premises, they might not be in any direct contact with any of your employees, but they will still formulate an idea of what you are like as an employer.

Indeed, according to Whitespace, it takes people just seven seconds to form an impression after arriving at your workplace. Therefore, effective office branding is absolutely essential, especially in reception areas.

"Branding comes in many forms," explains Jacqueline Barr, Principal of Design at Ted Moudis Associates, in an interview with Office Snapshots. "It could be just a sophisticated offering of comfort and security."

The goal is to brand your workplace in a way that conveys your values and inspires confidence and trust.

Culture and Ethics

Finally, one of the keys to developing a strong employer brand is to offer something which separates you from other companies, and this is often achieved through creating a unique workplace culture, or by being more ethically sound than competitors. Again, a good office fit out or design can be beneficial here.

As an example, clear collaborative spaces can help you to create a culture based on teamwork, while a games room for use during beaks can help you to portray yourself as modern and fun. Alternatively, features like triple glazed windows, green walls or the presence of recycling bins can help you to stand out ethically, based on your green credentials.

Posted 25th July, 2017

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