How To Survive and Succeed At Your First Exhibition

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Trade show marketing offers truly unique value to marketers, and the combination of cost-effectiveness and versatility has meant that a growing number of businesses are testing the waters all the time. In fact, according to Live Marketing, companies are now spending $24 billion on exhibiting each year.

Nevertheless, your first exhibition can be a daunting prospect. To help you out, we have compiled the following 5 tips on how to survive and succeed during your first trade show.

1. Preparation Is Key

Exhibition Preparation

It should go without saying, but successful trade show marketing requires careful preparation. This part of the process should include establishing a firm budget with your finance department, and setting clear, measurable, achievable goals, against which you can eventually judge the success of your exhibition. During this time, you should also start to speak to professional companies about the various exhibition services they can offer.

2. Be Clear On What You Are Exhibiting

New Product Launch

Surprisingly, many trade show marketers fail to really nail down the purpose behind their exhibition. Are you promoting a new product? A whopping 92 percent of attendees at trade shows go in search of new products, so it is a sensible place to do so. Yet, you may want to focus on established products to build brand awareness instead.

3. Get Your Exhibition Stand Right

Exhibition Stand

Ultimately, exhibition stands can make or break trade show appearances. You want an attractive stand, but it must also suit your needs. Does it convey your brand values? Does it offer unique appeal to passers by? Is it within your budget? Will you be able to use it for future trade shows, or is it a one-off stand?

4. Advertise Your Appearance

Advertising AppearencesA recent study by Incomm Research found that 76 percent of trade show attendees arrive with a clear idea of which stands they want to visit. Similarly, 75 percent of attendees decide to attend the trade show in the first place because they received an invitation. While you may attract some passing visitors, you absolutely must send out invites and advertise your appearance on your website, on social media and through trade publications.

5. Follow Up On Your Leads

Follow up on exhibition leads

This final point cannot be stressed enough. People attending trade shows are going to be in contact with, on average, 26 different companies, according to Exhibit Surveys. It is, therefore, pivotal to follow up on leads properly. Make sure you have a system in place for collecting contact information and follow up swiftly. Personalise your messages and be persistent. If you do not receive a response the first time, reach out again.

Posted 5th September, 2016

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