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Exhibition marketing can be extremely effective, allowing businesses to make new contacts, increase brand awareness and generate sales, all at the same time. With that said, exhibition stands can be a rather large investment - and an especially wasteful one if a business fails to generate sufficient returns.

Here are some tips to make sure your exhibition ends up a success, rather than a waste of money.

1. Remember Why You Are At the Exhibition

During the planning process, you should clearly establish why you are putting on an exhibition, and outline some goals. Make sure you continue to link everything back to this. You should have a clear idea of the type of people you want to target, in order to achieve your objectives. You should also be able to explain the aim of your exhibition in no more than 30 seconds. If you don't know why you are there, it will be very hard to generate leads.

2. Maximise Your Exposure Before the Event

People often know which exhibitions they want to visit before they even book their tickets, so you need to nail your pre-event marketing. It is no good relying on the event organisers to promote your exhibition; you need to be hands-on. Prepare a press pack to send to journalists, use social media to advertise your appearance and talk to the event's media partners. Let people know where you will be and what you will have to offer them.

3. Be Friendly and Approachable

It may seem an obvious point, but for people to come over and talk to you, you need to look approachable. Try to keep your body language open and avoid turning your back or huddling together with other people, as this can appear uninviting to passers-by. When people do come over, make sure you smile and speak in a calm, friendly voice. If you look or sound miserable or uninterested, you will probably make others feel the same way!

4. Think About Your Appearance

You need to give thought to how you look and the messages you are sending out. At your exhibition, you will not only encounter potential customers, but you could meet journalists and potential business partners as well. Dress smartly and ensure you are well groomed and presenting a professional image. Think about all aspects of your appearance, including body language - do not stand around eating, looking bored, or playing with your phone.

5. Engage With the Other Exhibitors

When you arrive at the show, it is worth talking to other exhibitors in the surrounding area to find out about their business and tell them about yours. Not everyone they meet at the exhibition will be interested in their business and not everyone you meet will be able to benefit from yours. Strike a deal with other exhibitors, where you agree to recommend their stand to people who would benefit from it, as long as they return the favour.

6. Make Sure Your Stand Looks Appealing

When it comes to designing your exhibition stand, there is a lot to balance, including brand recall, your marketing strategy and your business' values. You need to produce a good-looking, appealing stand, which draws customers in and sends the right message. If in doubt, work with a company that offers professional exhibition services and get their opinion. You don't necessarily need to spend a fortune, but you do need to make an effort.

7. Don't Forget to Follow Up!

Getting leads is great, but you need to turn those leads into customers. Amazingly, a failure to follow up with people is one of the biggest reasons exhibition marketing fails. Keep contact cards safe, make a quick note on any especially promising prospects and get in touch with them again. Try to make all contact personal and avoid sending generic emails, as most attendees will be bombarded with these. Finally, be patient and persistent.

Posted 2nd February, 2016

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