The Impact of Office Branding on Staff Morale

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Just as an office that is designed in the right way can increase staff productivity, so too can the branding used within a work place. In fact, good branding can lead to an increase in staff productivity and staff morale, with employees working harder for brands they perceive to be of high quality and sharing similar values.

An Office Space As a Reflection of Company Brand Values

Every office space is a reflection of that company’s unique brand. When the office branding is well thought out, the personality of the brand shines through and helps to create a space that is inviting and encourages innovation. The presence of that brand across the working environment can and will give those employees working there a boost of both morale and professional pride, provided that office branding is of the highest possible standard and represents a positive message that employees want to be a part of. According to recent research, most UK employees questioned believed that the design of their workplace supported their physical wellbeing and could be beneficial to their levels of moral, but more than half of those same employees (54%) complained that their corporate culture did not acknowledge or reflect this.

Prioritising Staff Wellbeing

Many businesses in the UK are simply failing to prioritise the wellbeing of their staff and make it business key critical for their company: without any measurable metrics, these firms simply choose to ignore the wellbeing and morale of their staff. However this is a grave mistake. Increased staff morale can only lead to increased staff productivity, and that in turn means that businesses that take care of the wellbeing and morale of their staff can actually find that their profits increase, as does their output.

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Taking care of staff wellbeing and morale is important. If good corporate design and branding can help to promote this, then it is a cost effective and relatively simple way in which you can ensure your staff are satisfied: this can lead to good levels of employee retention, increased employee productivity, and increase the amount of good will that your staff feel towards your business: vital if you are ever in a position where you need members of your team to work over time or volunteer their weekends or other out of office hours to assist at relevant corporate events.

Worth Your Financial Investment

Many companies consider wellbeing to be a vague concept and simply choose not to invest in it financially, particularly during times of economic difficulty when money is tight. But an effective business leader knows just how important it is to check, monitor, and where possible increase the morale levels amongst their team. And for those financially minded managers, it’s important to note that in businesses where staff morale levels are high, the number of leave days and sick days taken by those staff members are lower. Staff also demonstrate increased creativity and ability to innovate for their businesses, and a higher level of attention to detail. Low morale tends to lead to more mistakes and less care over the work that is being created.

The relatively low cost of great office branding to boost staff morale, therefore, is far outweighed by the financial and social benefits that having a work force with high levels of morale can bring to your business.

Posted 9th September, 2015

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