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Over the past few years, office managers and business owners have become increasingly aware of the role that office interior design plays when it comes to productivity. Creatively designed offices are more than just aesthetically pleasing: they are functional workspaces that can foster creativity and a positive working environment.

Here's an overview of the most inspiring office design ideas and trends for 2016.

Green areas

Incorporating green areas into your office space can have a positive impact on staff and visitors. Biophilic office design has proven to improve air quality and create a visually appealing and more harmonious environment. In addition, design elements like green walls and indoor gardens can reinforce office branding strategies and portray a company as an environmentally aware and socially responsible organisation.

Recreation zones

Some employers are reluctant to include recreation areas in their business premises assuming that they will cause a decline in productivity. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as many firms are realising that the idea of urban zoning can be adapted to office design with excellent results. For example, Google's London headquarters have a dedicated play area with video games and pool tables. Also in London, Red Bull's headquarters have incorporated a giant slide and ping pong tables as part of their interior design. Other companies that have discovered the power of recreation zones in the office include Facebook, Nike, AOL, EventBrite, and AirBnb.

Integrating technology and design

Technology can go a long way complementing creative interior design strategies. Integrated technology solutions are set to become a staple in office design, and they are not only an option for tech companies. Things like integrated screens, sound-masking solutions, and 3D visualisation technologies can facilitate collaboration and boost efficiency.

Rethinking the 1:1 ratio

One of the most recent trends in office design has done away with the long-held belief that there should be one desk for every employee. Modular office furniture allows to maximise the space available according to the needs of every project, corporate culture, and team configuration. What's more, modular furniture is scalable, allowing you to implement flexible interior design solutions.

Posted 13th June, 2016

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