Key elements that Enhance Brand Identity through Custom Exhibition Stands

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There is a wide range of elements that can help create a distinctive visual profile during exhibitions, from custom stands to lighting arrangements. Here's an overview of the most powerful elements that can make your brand stand out during a promotional event.

Exhibition stand design and corporate branding

Exhibition Stand DesignExhibition stands are a fundamental aspect of the marketing strategy. Stands can help make a flawless first impression and communicate the key values or your company in a memorable way. Most visitors will decide whether they are interested in a particular brand or not within 6 seconds of stepping into a stand or booth. Given the limited amount of time available to make an outstanding impression, it makes sense to invest in polished and eye-catching stand design.

Bespoke exhibition stands

Bespoke Exhibition StandThere is no better way of showing visitors that your brand has something special to offer than with a bespoke stand. These allow companies to be creative in the way they present themselves to the public, highlight the most unique aspects of a brand and draw attention to the key features of their products, services but also their values. In addition, bespoke stands allow you to add or remove key elements such as furniture or screens to suit the needs of every event.

Modular stands

Modular Exhibition StandFlexibility is an important concept in 21st century marketing techniques. Usually exhibitors have different objectives depending on the type of event they are attending. Choosing modular exhibition stands can highlight the underlying concept behind a brand and align your company goals with event-specific objectives. The main advantage of modular stands is that they can be easily adapted to different event types and to your desired outcomes, whether they are promoting your brand or launching a new product or service.

Technology in exhibition stands

Bespoke Stand for exhibitionThe right use of technology can help you stay ahead of the game and give your brand a competitive edge during exhibitions and promotional events. Wall-mounted iPad displays can go a long way in promoting the unique selling points of a particular product, whereas adding a counter-top display at your exhibition stand will contribute to a more interactive experience. A tech-savvy stand says that your firm has a modern outlook and is willing to embrace new developments in the field.

Colour and lighting

Led Exhibition Stand DesignSeveral psychological studies have shown that colour and lighting influence mood and behaviour, so do not underestimate the role that these elements play in delivering corporate messages and reinforcing brand identity. Your logo colours should always be prominent in your chosen stand design in order to foster brand consistency. Colour-coordinated stands can communicate anything, from optimism to dependability. If you have a bold message to deliver, create high visual impact by choosing opposing colours, or go for something more harmonious with complementary colours.

Lighting can convey the human factor behind a brand and appeals to visitors at a personal level. Here's a list of some popular lighting solutions:

  • Bespoke illuminated cabinets and plinths
  • Branded light box displays
  • Personalised light boxes
  • Illuminated poster frames
  • LED light boxes

To sum up, corporate identity can be reinforced by taking a holistic approach to stand design and combining several design elements to ensure that visitors have a customised experience that appeals to them through visual, auditory, and sensory channels.

Posted 27th October, 2015

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