Modular & Bespoke exhibition stands: top tips to choose the right options

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Exhibitions are a great opportunity to interact with potential clients and customers for your business or brand. The best way to create a great first impression – and to stand your brand apart from the rest – is to invest in a bespoke exhibition stand design. Let’s face it; exhibition facilities tend to be vast – organisers pack exhibitors in tightly, so it’s often hard to distinguish one company from another. If you’re serious about turning heads and getting your business noticed, it’s essential for you to make an effort to stand out from the crowd. Getting noticed starts with your exhibition stand.

Modular exhibition stands

With modular exhibition stands you’ve got lots of shapes and sizes to choose from – the great thing about them is that they’re easy to assemble and disassemble. They’re also hardwearing, which is what you need when taking an exhibition stand from arena to arena.

The only standard aspect of a modular stand tends to be the way it’s assembled – the rest of the stand can be customised to your specific requirements. You can have your own designs printed on the stand – you can have the stand in any size or shape too.

Although modular stands’ structures can look similar initially, you have a lot of freedom and scope to customise your stand so that it doesn’t blend into the sea of other companies’ stands. The best way to ensure your design pops out at people is to commission a unique design that can be printed onto your stand’s panels. It doesn’t matter if you’re all out of ideas, a design agency will be able to come up with some interest angles to take – and of course some eye-catching designs.

Bespoke exhibition stands

How many times have you attended a trade show, only to notice that lots of the companies exhibiting all have the same square stands? If you want your stand to pop out and catch the eye as people walk past, it’s essential for your business or brand to invest in a completely bespoke exhibition stand. It needs to be bespoke in terms of design – and in terms of size and shape.

The size and shape of your stand isn’t the only customised aspect for you to consider, the design that’s printed onto your stand must also be of the highest quality. It’s no use just putting your logo on the stand and calling it a day – you’ve got to work hard to capture the attention of as many people as possible when they walk past your stand.

The very best stands out there allow exhibitors to interact with interested parties once they approach – catching the attention of passers-by is the job of your stand itself.

Plan carefully for your exhibition

Before you attend any exhibition it’s very important for you to plan ahead of time. You need to be clear in your objectives while at the exhibition – are you going to bring in as many new clients as possible by having them sign contracts on the spot? Or are you aiming to expose your business to as many people as possible and create as many leads as you can? The design and layout of your stand will differ depending on your overall objectives – map out a clear strategy for your stand and your business before the exhibition begins.

Posted 30th November, 2015

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