Key New Office Design Trends for 2017

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Office Design Trends 2017

All business owners aspire to having an office environment that fosters productivity and creates a great impression on clients. The widespread adoption of the open-plan layout has certainly gone a long way in transforming the office environment. According to Bloomberg, nearly 70 per cent of all offices in the United States are now laid out in open-plan style, whereas in the United Kingdom the figure is slightly lower. However, the key principles of office design have continued to evolve, bringing concepts like flexibility, collaboration, and sustainability into fit out projects. Find out more about three key office design trends for 2017.

Flexible layouts

Office Interior Design 2017

Office design has been profoundly affected by the qualitative changes that have transformed the world of work over the past decade. As telework and professional mobility become more popular and continue to be implemented across all industries, 21st-century offices have had to adapt to a new landscape where flexibility is the key. Bluechip companies like Cisco Systems have been pioneers in the successful implementation of flexible office layouts, challenging the idea that every employee needs an assigned workstation. Instead, modern offices are increasingly being designed around the concept of activity-based working, which advocates fluid boundaries, minimalist workstations, and layouts that can be easily modified to suit a variety of activities (relaxation, collaboration, concentration, etc.).

Tech-savvy offices

When planning an office fit out project, it is important to choose an office design company that can fully integrate new technologies into every project. Mobile devices can be used to foster collaboration and unrestricted information flow. Think along the lines of wireless presentation systems that can be remotely operated, meeting room management devices, beacon technology, or smart virtual personal assistants.

Stand-up space

Office Design 2017

Stand-up working space is being increasingly adopted by industry leaders. Standing desks have taken the world of office design by storm thanks to their multiple benefits, and now it's the turn of meeting rooms. These are being replaced by stand-up meeting spaces, which may be equipped with stools and high tables. Stand-up meeting space has been credited with reducing the time spent in unproductive meetings by up to 34 per cent and is on its way to becoming the new gold standard.

Posted 22nd September, 2016

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