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Custom Built Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibition stand design is constantly evolving, and it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Many businesses engaged in exhibition marketing re-use their existing stand for months or even years at a time, which gives those using custom exhibition stands an advantage when it comes to standing out from the pack.

To help out, we have pin-pointed some of the most important new trends in custom exhibition stand design this year.

1. Curved Designs

Custom Built Stand Design Curve

In terms of pure aesthetic appeal, one of the 2016's biggest exhibition stand design trends has been an increase in curved designs, with curved walls, curved furniture and even curved screens becoming more prominent. Embracing this trend is a great way to present your business as forward-thinking and relevant.

However, the benefits of using a curved design go far beyond that. The vast majority of exhibition designs are still box-shaped, so curved custom exhibition stands automatically have the advantage of standing out. In addition, strategically placed curved walls can offer areas to speak to visitors in a more intimate environment.

2. 3D Printing

3D Printed Exhibition Stand Design

In 2015, the printing services company Trindo unveiled the world's first fully 3D printed exhibition stand and this is a key trend to watch out for. The wonders of 3D printing mean that shapes and structures that were previously impossible to create through conventional methods are now very much on the table for exhibitors.

"This project was the ideal way for us to demonstrate that additive manufacturing will soon be revolutionising areas such as display and exhibition technology," said Bennet Klein, CEO of Trindo. "We're more than satisfied with the show's success... the future of these sectors definitely lies in 3D printing."

3. 4K High Definition

Finally, although 4K HD technology has been around for a few years, it has only recently become affordable for the average consumer and this is the first year where accessible 4K content has been in plentiful supply. Latching on to this trend quickly can provide businesses with a head start over the competition.

Uses for 4K screens vary, but their stunning picture quality makes them ideal for displaying company graphics, which will not be subject to the same restrictions as still graphics. Meanwhile, video content has proved to be an effective way to engage passers-by and 4K video may turn even more heads toward your exhibition.

Posted 4th October, 2016

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