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There are many reasons why your workplace may need to be refurbished, from furniture being damaged, to the company growing in size. However, the refurbishment process also affords you the ideal opportunity to think about office branding and the way you promote your company’s message to employees, clients, customers and visitors.

In many cases, you may have to carry out the refurbishment on a budget and fortunately, workplace branding can also be improved with a limited outlay. Here, we provide you with four expert tips for branding on a budget.

1. Focus on Client Spaces

Considering Client Office Spaces

Once you have pin-pointed these areas, use simple techniques to put your message across. A cost-effective way to do this is to create a wall mural or feature, with words that really sum up your brand values, written in a font that is in-keeping with the tone of your business. You should also use these areas to introduce your company logo and colour schemes.

2. Do Not Neglect Staff Spaces

Office Staff Spaces Design

Although the priority should be your client spaces, operating on a budget does not excuse neglecting staff areas. Getting the branding right in your staff spaces can have huge benefits, helping to boost morale, create a team atmosphere and instil your values into employees. However, you need to take a slightly different approach.

In general, staff do not like being bombarded by corporate messages and they are likely to see your company logo many times a day as it is. Instead, you should try to generate a sense of belonging and togetherness. A simple tip is to use images of staff members at work for computer backgrounds, or even as a wall decoration.

3. Emphasise Your Products and Services

Office Branding on Budget

Ultimately, the products you sell, or the services you offer, are at the very heart of your brand - so when it comes to branding your office, your products and services should take centre stage. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to make your products a focal point without needing to spend a fortune.

"If you're a company with a great product, then think about how you can bring this to the fore in your office design," says Peter Ames, writing for Office Genie. "John West's Liverpool HQ has its testing kitchen as a central hub. What better way for a food company to demonstrate what it's all about?" Similarly, Mazda’s office design includes inspirational canvasses and wall graphics of their products and events, which add to the overall look and feel of the design and creates a real sense of brand identity.

4. Think About How Your Business Operates

There is little point highlighting desired attributes in staff members or trying to drum certain buzzwords into employees if your office does not facilitate effective work. Re-branding your office is the perfect chance to take a look at how your company operates and make sure that your layout allows your business to maximise its potential.

If your staff members need to concentrate on their own, make sure your office has areas that allow for peace and quiet. If your employees need to work together to formulate ideas, focus on creating genuinely useful collaborative spaces. Decorate the walls with appropriate messages, based on the work involved in that part of the office.

Posted 25th October, 2016

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