Office Branding: The Cost-Effective Details That Make a Difference

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Office Design and Branding

When researchers from the University of Salford studied the academic performance of children in seven newly constructed Blackpool schools, they uncovered tangible evidence that the design of school buildings has a positive impact on the progress achieved by children over time. This powerful link between interior design and performance isn’t restricted to young people, however; effective office design can increase your company’s productivity and profitability, ensuring that the business is performing at its peak while retaining the flexibility to adapt and respond to today’s ever-changing commercial world.

At the heart of your business is your brand and, by focusing on the cost-effective details of the interior design, you can strengthen the core values of your business, shaping the working culture and increasing your colleagues’ engagement within it.

Conveying your brand to others

The appearance of your office space sends a powerful message to colleagues and visitors, especially if it reflects the key principles of your brand. For your staff in particular, this can be crucial in enabling them to work collaboratively by shaping a working culture that has your business’ ethos and mission at its heart. It gives your colleagues a renewed sense of purpose, reinforces the importance of cooperation and instigates a purposeful working culture in which free thinking is celebrated. After all, bringing together a team of creative, intellectual thinkers means that the outcome should be greater than the sum of the parts, but the design of your office should facilitate, not hinder, this.

Subtle changes to promote office branding

Redefining and rebranding your office space need not place your company’s profits in the red. The most important changes can be achieved within an affordable framework, giving your office the facelift it deserves without plundering your business’ reserves.

Stepping into your office, visitors should be able to recognise and identify with your brand instantly. But this doesn’t mean a wholesale refurbishment of the interior. By creating a focal point in areas of high footfall, such as the reception area, you can easily communicate your brand to visitors using simple techniques: an accent wall in your company’s colours; a customer counter digitally printed with your business logo; or a solid panel upon which your brand’s mission statement in engraved. When combined with other subtle changes, such as adding coordinated soft furnishings, these are cost-effective design strategies that are instantly recognisable, yet require only moderate time and investment without a full-scale refurbishment of your office.

Natural daylight has long been associated with increased productivity as it improves the mood of office workers and increases their ability to focus on their work. But light – either natural or artificial – can also be used to discretely alter the atmosphere of your office, especially when combined with an overall colour scheme that accords with your recognisable business brand. With affordability in mind, it is also a subtle change that can have a powerful impact, without burning a hole in your budget.

For example, lighting can be used to increase the sense of space, which is important if creating more space physically is impractical or unaffordable. Harsher blue-tinted or white lights can be substituted for warmer alternatives that will help to create a more welcoming, friendly environment for visitors, or to allow colleagues to relax during their breaks in a staff communal area.

Making your brand the central focus of your office need not be an expensive and time-consuming project. By making limited changes but focusing on making a visual impact to colleagues and guests, you can redefine the office at a price that is competitive and affordable.

Posted 3rd November, 2015

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