Office Designers Love Technology - But What Type Is Right For Your Business?

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Office Design Technology

Technology is a key part of any office these days – but what kind of technology should you be installing in your workplace? A well-designed office needs to be appropriate for your business; with that in mind, here are a few things to remember:

Plan for the future

It's tempting for office designers always to provide cutting-edge technology – but this can actually be counterproductive. The gadgets that everyone's talking about at design time can quickly become outdated: fax machines, once a mainstay in every office, have largely been replaced by online and mobile technology. Instead, embrace flexibility from the start, allowing your workplace to adapt easily to changing times.

Think outside the box

The right technology for a workplace isn't always the obvious technology. In 2013, a team at Barclays Bank were tasked with creating a new app. Although they were offered the use of a wide range of the latest electronic equipment, they instead asked for a simple family home. They felt that this environment would be more conducive to effective working than a standard office layout with its conventional lines of desks and PCs.

Remember "bricks, brains and bytes"

This Dutch expression captures the underlying truth that the three principal components of an effective office are intrinsically linked. Designers should appreciate that, if even one is neglected, the health of the business as a whole will suffer. Eye-catching architecture is useless if it makes the people who work there feel uneasy, while even well-motivated employees will perform below their best if they don't have the technology they need.

It's your business

Staff loyalty is a major component of any company's success: making employees feel they're part of the same team is essential. Office branding plays its part here, but don't overdo it: plastering large company logos on every window and monitor will serve only to distract people from keeping their full attention on their work. Keep branding on electronic items discreet, a quiet reminder that you're working towards a shared goal.

Posted 15th August, 2016

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