Office Fit-Out: Choosing The Right Design Is Key To Your Brand

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Branding is one of the most important concepts any organisation has to contend with. Your brand is what identifies you to the world, it's what makes your organisation unique, and it's the face you present to the world when engaging with clients, customers, and peers. Considering how important branding is, it's surprising that so many organisations neglect to bring their brand into the office.

The traditional office isn't exactly a thing of the past, but prominent companies like Microsoft and Google have certainly made some inroads into changing what we think of as an office space, with unconventional additions such as play areas, indoor gardens, and green roofs. Most organisations can't afford the kinds of innovative spaces that make the likes of Google so unique, but still, the concept of office branding is catching on with organisations that are discovering that the workplace is actually one of the most important places in which to express a brand identity.

What Does Your Office Say about Your Brand?

Office Fit Out

Despite the name, your workplace is not just a place where the nuts and bolts of work happen. It's also a place that reflects your brand identity, your company values, and your corporate culture. The way in which your office is fitted and furnished tells both visitors and employees something about the organisation and the quality and value of the services it provides. As such, it's important that the workplace reflect your brand's personality and character in a way that's consistent with any other forms of branding you've created. It's a concept that's applied as a matter of course to retail spaces, but is often overlooked in the B2B world, and when it's neglected in this way, it becomes a lost opportunity, not only in terms of impressing your brand upon potential clients, but also in fostering a sense of pride and community in employees.

Branding Your Workplace Brings Big Benefits

The average person spends nearly 100,000 hours at work in their lifetime, and that simple fact alone is a good reason to make the office a pleasant place in which to work. But more than that, a workplace that's comfortable and clean, and that clearly speaks to the organisation's core values and vision, is a workplace where employees experience a higher degree of work satisfaction, improved morale, and increased motivation. Employees are more productive, enjoy their work more, and better understand the organisation's vision, all of which serves to increase employee satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Office fit out and refurbishments

In terms of your relationship with current and potential clients and customers, an office fit-out that reinforces your brand identity can help you differentiate yourself from competitors, boost customer recognition of your brand and improve your overall brand position. When your workplace accurately reflects your brand, you're presenting yourself as an organisation that cares about your image, and that translates directly into higher perceived value—from clients, customers, peers, and investors.

Bringing your brand into the workplace significantly impacts both employees and clients, with potential benefits that directly and indirectly improve profitability. At the very least, branding your organisation's office space is important because it ensures that the message you're sending internally—to people within the company—is the same as the one that you're projecting outwardly, and that consistency is key to generating trust in your brand.

Posted 29th January, 2016

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