Office Refurbishment Checklist

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office refurbishment checklist

A carefully planned office refurbishment project can help reinforce brand identity, make your business premises more inviting to clients, and boost productivity among employees. However, since refurbishments are often costly, it is important to get things right from the beginning by making sure that every need is adequately addressed. Here is a useful checklist to help business owners get off to a good start with their refurbishment plans.

Space considerations

Spatial planning is a crucial aspect of every refurbishment project. Any changes made to your office layout should be based on your business needs and priorities in order to allocate space more efficiently. For example, whereas exhibition companies may need to optimise their storage space, others may need to focus on improving their meeting and reception facilities. The key is to maximise the space available, ensuring that every area fulfills a specific function and that there is a balanced combination of living and working space.

Legal issues

Make sure to obtain permission from the property owner before refurbishing your office. In some cases, it may be necessary to get a license to carry out structural alterations, and it is always wise to go over your lease and check for any dilapidation clauses.

Health and Safety

When making any substantial changes to a workplace environment, it is important to ensure that the changes comply with the relevant health and safety regulations. You can consult a professional or carry out a self-assessment by using one of the various online tools available. It is also worth giving priority to refurbishment work that helps create energy-efficient workspaces.

Involving employees

In many cases, getting staff involved and making employees aware of the details of a refurbishment project is not optional. In the UK, companies who have 50 staff members or above are required to inform and consult employees about changes that may affect their working environment. This means that employers should familiarise themselves with the Information & Consultation of Employees Regulations of 2004 before embarking in a refurbishment project.


A workplace refurbishment project can transform the image of a business, and this should be reflected in the company's online presence. Make the most of technology available to update you corporate website and explain how a refurbishment project adds value to your business.

Posted 15th February, 2016

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