Essential Post-Exhibition Follow Up Checklist

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Post Exhibition Follow Up Checklist

When it comes to running a successful exhibition marketing campaign, the follow up can be every bit as important as the preparation, the exhibition design, and the event itself. In fact, without getting the follow up right, your efforts and expenditure in all of those other areas may be wasted.

Despite this, several studies have shown that exhibitors often neglect the follow up process. According to the 2010 Unisfair Marketing Survey, lead generation is the top priority of more than two-thirds of exhibition companies, yet a staggering 80 percent of potential opportunities are lost due to lack of follow up, according to Marketing Donut.

To help you out, here we have provided an essential post-exhibition follow up checklist.

1. Have a Plan in Place

Believe it or not, this simple step alone will place you at an advantage compared to many exhibiting companies, because more than 30 percent have no plan in place, according to a Sales Lead Survey conducted by EXHIBITOR. Decide how you are going to follow up leads before your exhibition show and who will action this, so that this step is an integral part of your exhibition marketing plan.

2. Make Sure Your Follow Up is Tailored

People who attend trade shows are likely to receive correspondence from a whole host of exhibitors, but a lot of it will be poor quality. You can stand out from the pack simply by tailoring your follow up. Address them by name, identify the show you were both at, and mention the rep who personally spoke to that prospect. Personalisation is key.

3. Make Your Call(s) to Action Are Specific

In marketing, it is often said that you should focus on one call to action, but exhibition follow up is different. The leads you generated may be interested in slightly different things, so using just one call to action may limit the response you get. Your call(s) to action should also be specific. Don't say "to find out more...", do give them actual options like "to watch our introduction video..." or "to request a personal demo..."

4. Be Persistent!

Did you know that 80 percent of sales are made on or after the fifth contact? Conversely, just two percent are made on the first contact and only 10 percent are made within the first three contacts. This is why you must be persistent with your follow up. If you don't receive a response at any stage, send another email reminder.

5. Measure Your ROI

Follow up should not simply focus on prospects, but on the entire marketing process. Without calculating your exhibition marketing campaign's ROI, it is impossible to know if improvements are needed. To measure ROI, you must have clear and measurable goals in place ahead of time. You should also track the number of leads that convert to sales; something which only 28 percent of companies do, according to EXHIBITOR.

Posted 8th July, 2016

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