Productivity Facts That Will Help You Achieve The Right Office Fit Out

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Office Fit Out

When carrying out an office refurbishment or fit out, one of the key considerations is how the design will impact upon the productivity of the workforce. Indeed, research from all over the world has shown a clear link between office layouts and the amount of work that is subsequently produced from them.

Here, we provide four key productivity facts that can help to inform your fit out project.

Privacy Is Vitally Important

Various studies have demonstrated a link between privacy and productivity, including a University of Exeter study, which found that private work stations offer a 15 percent productivity edge on open plan designs. Meanwhile, a 2011 study from Denmark found that single-person offices resulted in 62 percent fewer absences.

That is not to say open plan designs don't have their advantages, but the Harvard Business Review conclude that the key is to give employees control and the ability to move to a quieter area when necessary.

Remote Workers Are MORE Productive

While concepts like telecommuting are becoming more common, there remains a prevalent feeling that people working from home will be less hard working and more easily distracted. However, a study focusing on the travel company Ctrip found that remote workers were actually 13.5 percent more productive than office-based workers.

To put that in perspective, it amounts to an extra work day's worth of productivity every week. Therefore, your office fitout should enable remote work and some staff should occasionally be allowed to work from home.

Breaks Should Be Encouraged

Research has repeatedly shown the link between breaks and output. For instance, a University of Toronto study revealed that the absence of proper lunch breaks can increase stress and lower productivity, while an experiment from Draugiem Group found that peak productivity was achieved with 17-minute breaks every 53 minutes!

According to Staples, 76 percent of employees feel a well-stocked, designated break room would help, while some companies, including Google and Uber, have even introduced sleeping pods into their offices.

Biophilic Design Produces Results

Finally, a study entitled ‘The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space’ found that those working in offices with 'greenery' like plants saw a 15 percent productivity increase over three months. Meanwhile, the Human Spaces global report suggests the mere presence of natural elements increases productivity by 6 percent.

"Feeling good often equates to being able to do more," the Human Spaces report says. "There is also clear evidence directly linking biophilia with an organization's output."

Posted 21st November, 2016

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