Pros and Cons of Modular Exhibition Stands

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Modular Exhibition Stand

When planning an exhibition, a key decision you will need to make surrounds the type of exhibition stand you want to use. One of the most popular options is a modular exhibition stand, which is essentially made up of a number of inter-connectible components that can be configured to fit different spaces.

As a general rule, modular stands represent something of a middle ground option - they are not the cheapest solution, but not prohibitively expensive either; they're more advanced than a pop-up display, but not quite as advanced as bespoke exhibition stands. So what are the pros and cons, and is a modular display the right option for your company?

Benefits of a Modular Stand

Modular exhibition stands have a number of plus points, and chief among them is their versatility. Indeed, they afford businesses the option of creating a completely different design at each trade show, which is ideal for those who want to exhibit regularly, and who may have to adjust the size and shape of their stand between events.

Compared to a bespoke stand, a modular display is easy-to-assemble and does not require anything like the same manpower to put together. Generally, modular exhibition stands are also lightweight, easy to transport over long distances and more visually impressive than a cheaper pop-up stand would be.

Drawbacks of a Modular Stand

That being said, it is important to stress that there are some drawbacks to the modular exhibition stand too and one of these relates to storage. Unlike with a custom build, which may only be used once, if you invest in a modular stand, you need to be able to store it in a clean, dry area, which may take up valuable space.

Moreover, a modular display may not be suitable for all situations. For instance, if you are attending a trade show as a one-off, where you want to make a huge impact, you may be better off investing in a bespoke option. While modular displays are versatile, there is a limit and the most ambitious designs may not be possible.

The Final Word

Overall, modular exhibition stands are an excellent choice for many businesses, especially if they want to use the stand for more than one exhibition and still make alterations to its appearance. Nevertheless, there are storage considerations and a modular display might not make quite the same dramatic impact as a bespoke stand.

Posted 26th September, 2016

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