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Office Fit Out

When carrying out an office fit out, it is highly likely that you will need to enlist the help of a professional design firm. However, it is also extremely important to choose the best partner for your specific needs and with so many office interior designers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Below, we take you through the key steps for choosing the right contractor for your project.

  1. Research Different Companies

    The first step is to research the different companies in your area and this can usually be done online. Ideally, before you even speak to them about your office fitting out project, you should have some idea about their areas of expertise, their past projects, how long they have been operating and their qualifications.

    Once you open up communication, you need to focus on their reputation. Ask for references and check at least three of them, enquiring about how each project went and whether there were any problems. You might also ask if the design firm could arrange a site visit to a past project, or if they have case studies resembling yours.

  2. Compare Their Services

    Next, you need to find out exactly what each company on your shortlist offers as part of their package. After all, one company may claim to be able to carry out your project for a cheaper price than another, but that does not necessarily mean they will offer the same range of services.

    Will they oversee all project management, or will you need to manage certain aspects yourself? Do they use 3D graphics to create designs? Make a detailed list of the services offered by each company. Once you know what each of them is offering, you can narrow your options down to the ones that suit you most.

  3. Consider Financial Implications

    Finally, you should think about the financial implications of working with each company. On a very basic level, you need to know that the company can complete the project within your agreed budget, but there are other considerations too. For instance, will they negotiate with suppliers for the materials, or will you?

    In addition, you must find out about the financial health of the company you are planning to work with. Can they provide you with evidence that they are in a strong position? Do they have the right insurance? A reliable design firm will be only too happy to ease your concerns, so only work with a partner that cooperates.

Posted 1st November, 2016

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