The Advantages Of Using Modular Stands

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Like the catwalks, exhibition trends change on an almost seasonal basis. However one that seems to be lasting is the increasing popularity for modular stands. With businesses today making conscious efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and recycle materials, modular stands are a financially and environmentally savvy way to make an impression.

Once considered restrictive, modular systems have developed phenomenally over the past 10 years, embracing the demand for flexible and innovative designs, even when on a shoestring budget. Today, there is an array of systems that meet the needs of all involved in the exhibition journey; from the marketing team, designers, installers and most importantly the customers.

modular stand

Structurally, stands have become lighter, which means less fuel is needed for transportation. As a result, installs are quicker and fewer hands are required to assemble. Aluminium frames are not only lightweight but also durable, which means that they can be recycled over and over again without loss of quality. And as structures are hidden beneath the panels, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of the system.

modular exhibition stand

Unfortunately exhibition stands are not immune to changing trends; old graphic styles and lighting instantly make a stand look dated. First impressions are crucial so renewing graphics on modular stands has been made substantially easier. Systems now usually incorporate simple clip on panels (onto the main structure), which also serve as a prime surface for exhibition graphics. For added visual impact designers are able to include backlighting with LED plates or side-lit panels with power LED's.

Modular Exhibition Booth

The constant development in technology inevitably means exhibition stands need to adapt. Technology today is key to customer engagement; touch screens, interactive walls and social media applications. Modular systems are able to move with change by adding such components to the stand to embrace the latest technological trends.

Modular Display Stand

Modular systems have truly evolved, changing their image of being cumbersome and restrictive to offering the opportunity for brands to communicate with their clients, through individual and dynamic experiences that incorporate evolving design and technology. They offer a solution that is not only financially beneficial but also ticks the sustainability box. With such credentials it is no surprise that the demand for modular systems shows no sign of waning.

Posted 11th May, 2015

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