Top 10 Tips for Small Exhibition Stands

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When attending a trade show, how can you ensure that your stand generates leads, increases brand awareness and provides a fertile meeting ground for potential new business partners? Follow these tips and ensure that your small exhibition stand design brings in big business for your company:

  1. Think of your objectives and plan your stand accordingly: Whether you are trying to improve your brand equity, raise awareness about a particular product or service or simply interested in meeting more potential business partners, design your stand in accordance with your aims. Do not include unnecessary features that clutter your space without serving a purpose.

  2. Stay within your budget: You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to make your presence felt. Even a small budget will allow you to include features such as pop up displays, angled light boxes and attractive graphics on the walls or on displays. Remember that lighting is not only important for making your products and logo visible; it can also set a mood or attract a particular type of client. If you are a regular presence at trade shows, it might be worth purchasing a modular system from an exhibition company, which you can customise at every show by making a few small changes.

  3. Make the most of a shell scheme: If you are using a shell scheme, your stand can stand out from your competitors by using a continuous run of graphics or a curvy pop up display, which is very easy and cost-effective to set up, but which also looks professional and elegant with the right lighting and imagery. If you can afford it, look into custom modular exhibition stands, which accommodate graphics in the framework. Just change the graphics anytime you feel like highlighting a new product or changing the mood of your display.

  4. Build upwards: Your stand may be small, but you can use vertical space to place attractive imagery and text, or to include features such as top trusses with a rotating sign.

  5. Make sure visitors know who you are: Keep it simple yet attractive and remember that your logo (as well as key product and service words) should be visible from afar. If you can afford it, include features such as rotating logos and other attention grabbers.

  6. Let your stand reflect who you are: If your company is technology based, then ensure your stand exudes modernity and offers a cutting-edge technological experience. For instance, think about offering visitors a virtual reality experience, which can be set up without using up a significant amount of space; if you are in a more traditional industry, on the other hand, think of your target audience’s expectations with regards to visual communications.

  7. Make it dynamic and fun: Use games, competitions and technology to engage visitors to your stand. This will pique their interest, leading them to discover your product or service.

  8. Advertise your event: Use the company website and social networking pages to let clients know you will be at the tradeshow.

  9. Give away prizes: Use incentives such as prizes for those who sign up beforehand and attend, and make sure they can take useful informative material with them after a visit.

  10. Pick the right team members for your stand: Friendly, professional, well informed staff should be on hand to provide any required information about your products or services. Provide incentives for any leads they generate and have practice Q&A sessions so everyone is confident on the big day.

Posted 29th September, 2015

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