Top 5 Exhibition Marketing Trends in 2016

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Exhibition Marketing Trends 2016

Exhibition marketing is constantly evolving, as marketers strive to find new ways to impress visitors and showcase products and services. The increased digitisation of the exhibition stand was one of the most noticeable trends of the past year, but what are the main trends we can expect to see throughout 2016?

1. Interactive Touch Screens and Tablets

In recent times, touch screen displays have become a staple in exhibition display stands, allowing customers to interact with exhibition display stands and gain information in their own time. A trend to look out for in 2016 is an increased use of tablets, which will essentially function as mini touch-screens, providing more visitors with a chance to interact at once, while also offering greater connectivity between the stand and the user's own devices.

2. Controllable LED Lighting

A good exhibition design company understands the value of lighting, especially when it is strategically placed to bring attention to certain aspects of a stand. In 2016, we expect to see far greater use of controllable LED lighting, especially for backlighting purposes. In particular, programmable LED displays will allow companies to change lighting colours, altering the entire mood of their stand and keeping it dynamic throughout the day.

3. Social Media at Trade Shows

Over the past few years, we have seen heightened use of sites like Facebook and Twitter before, during and after trade shows. This trend is set to continue, as businesses look for ways to expand their reach beyond the exhibition itself. One particular trend to watch out for is creative use of the new 'Our Story' feature on SnapChat, which enables people attending the same event to share photos or videos communally.

4. Reliance on Lead Retrieval Software

Repeated studies published by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research have shown us that companies fail to take down details and follow up on leads sufficiently. To get around this in the year ahead, businesses will rely more heavily on software. Some of this technology can obtain information from leads through a simple scan of a QR code on an attendee's ticket or pass, speeding up the process, reducing hassle and providing greater accuracy.

5. Access to Mobile Phone Chargers

Finally, given that we are seeing an increased usage of mobile phone technology at trade shows, one of the major trends of 2016 will be exhibitors providing access to mobile phone charging stations. Offering this facility will benefit marketers in multiple ways, as it will ensure attendees have continued access to their phones, but will also keep attendees at the booth for longer, providing more of an opportunity to converse with them.

Posted 25th January, 2016

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