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As we enter 2016, we are likely to see new innovations in the world of exhibition marketing, allowing businesses to enhance the experience for customers and increase overall engagement. Trade shows have moved a long way in recent times, and even traditional modular exhibition stands can be combined with technology in exciting ways.

With that in mind, here are some of the top technologies to help guarantee trade show success.

Interactive Touch Screens

Exhibitors are constantly striving to provide visitors with information in ways they can truly engage with and interactive touch screen technology has helped to make his easier. When used effectively, it also allows customers the ability to explore your brand and its offerings in their own time, with far greater freedom.

"Customers have grown accustomed to interactive features in their daily lives, depending more and more on their portable devices," explains Nick Gomez from the exhibition company Skyline Whitespace. "So when it comes to searching or buying new products, they expect some level of independence."

Screens can even be used in place of stationary graphics, showing high-resolution, eye-catching images or videos.

Quick Response Codes

Many exhibitors find that printed materials, such as brochures, leaflets and business cards, are either left at the exhibition stand or thrown away. This is problematic not only because customers are leaving your stand without the information you want them to have, but also because businesses are striving to be more 'green' as well.

One possible solution is the QR code, which has already proved its worth in mobile marketing. These codes can be quickly and easily scanned using a mobile device, instantly saving the information onto the device's memory. As a result, customers have easy access to your social media pages, website and catalogue long after they leave.

Augmented Reality

For those looking to invest heavily in trade show marketing and make a real splash, augmented reality technology is one way to guarantee a memorable exhibition. When combined with custom exhibition display stands, the possibilities are almost endless, as the technology bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Augmented reality allows the scanning of a real-life environment, followed by an overlay of computer graphics, essentially changing 'reality' for the customer. As the technology is still new and a novelty to most people, it is an excellent way to attract attention and visitors are likely to share their experience with friends on social media.

Posted 4th April, 2016

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