What Elements Will Make Your Office Fit Out A Success?

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An office fit out can breathe new life into your workplace, improving productivity and increasing profits. As well as embedding your brand in the working environment, a fresh office design can also revitalise staff and impress visitors, helping to establish your company as a serious player in the commercial world.

Before diving headfirst into a fit out project, it is vital to consider the different elements carefully to ensure the final design reflects the objectives of your brand and enables your staff to work collaboratively in achieving your business’ goals.

Office Fit Out

Identify your objectives

There are many reasons why a company may decide that it needs to redesign its office space. These include:

  • To create more space or to reorganise the existing office layout.
  • To increase the visibility of the brand and mission statement for staff and visitors.
  • To provide employees with improved facilities, both for work and relaxation.
  • To enable colleagues to work more productively, with systems that operate with more fluidity.
  • To comply with health and safety legislation.

Whatever the reason for the project, identifying the objectives is crucial when planning the individual elements of the fit out. It is easy to lose sight of the end result and to become distracted by the smaller details, so having an overview of the project driven by your core objectives is essential.

Keep everyone in the loop

A fit out project can affect different people in your organisation at different times, so appointing a member of staff as the primary liaison can help to ensure that everyone is kept fully informed throughout the process. There may be times when access to office space is restricted or certain facilities or services are unavailable, both of which have the potential to impinge on people’s workflow. Employees who are unable to plan ahead for disruption are likely to become unhappy if they feel that they are ‘in the dark’.

Liaising between departments and providing up-to-date information about the project will also help to negate the risk of low productivity. At a time when your business is investing in its interior, it can’t afford for profits to be damaged if staff can’t manage their workflow around the disruption.

Time the project carefully

You may be constrained by the availability of the contractors but, where possible, you still need to plan the schedule of the project carefully.

You may need to allow for adequate time to vacate your existing premises, if you opt for a refurbishment, or to transfer to a new site once work is completed. You will need to give serious consideration to minimising disruption for customers during this process and ensure that the fit out doesn’t take place during a period when workload is known to be higher than normal.

You should also ensure the contractors undertaking the fit out can meet their deadlines within the agreed budget, as to overrun can be extremely costly and disruptive. Regular meetings between your management team and the contractors should be scheduled to review progress and to identify possible problems as they arise, so that disruption and delays can be minimised.

Staying within budget

A fit out which overshoots the budget is a nightmare scenario that can be financially disastrous for many businesses. Therefore, the contractors should provide you with a detailed project plan that specifies clearly the itemised costs and the schedule for completing each stage of the work.

Don’t accept ifs, buts and maybes, as these will add doubt to the projected cost. All survey work should be completed in advance so that every cost in the plan is accurate. With deadlines to meet and disruption to work around, there should be no hidden surprises.

A professional partnership

Finding a contractor who will work in partnership with you to provide the expected office space design and installation is essential to fulfil your starting objectives. Choose a company who can assist with the design proposal so that their expertise will feed in to the overall concept, and who can oversee every stage from start to end, rather than relying on contracting out to third parties. Knowing the project is in safe hands will enable you to ensure the smooth running of your business, with minimal disruption and loss of productivity.

Posted 6th October, 2015

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