Why bold colours are the secret ingredients to your exhibition stand's success

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Many trade show visitors form opinions about your business almost entirely on the visual quality of your exhibition stand, making it a key contributor to success or failure. After all, if you are hoping to draw in new customers, they may have no prior knowledge of the products or services you offer, so can only rely on what they see.

Although there are many decisions which will make up the final appearance of your display, including the choice between custom-build and modular exhibition stands, colour is a vitally important consideration. In particular, many businesses find that use of bold colours can significant enhance their chances of success.


When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for an exhibition, businesses need to try and stay consistent with their overall branding, while catching the eye of visitors. Many companies providing exhibition services recommend the inclusion of bold colours, because they make a display stand out from the crowd.

For instance, while white can sometimes look unfinished and blacks and greys can look dull or generic, reds and yellows command attention. Ultimately, that is essential for attracting passers by, who will have neither the time nor patience to visit every stand. The key is to use bold colours in a way that is consistent with your brand values.

Colour Psychology

In addition to considering branding, many exhibitors find that it pays off to focus on colour psychology and try to understand how different colours make visitors feel. Below, we take a look at some of the most popular bold colours, so you can compare the message you want to send to the message the colour actually sends.

  • Blue - Considered 'intellectual', it inspires trust and can have a calming influence, which may be useful in a trade show atmosphere. However, it is cold and needs to be used in conjunction with more inviting shades.
  • Red - Produces an intense reaction, because it stimulates the senses and causes a spike in heart-rate. Attracts attention very easily, making it good for ultra-competitive environment, but can be seen as aggressive.
  • Yellow - Bright, warm and increasingly popular, it is an 'optimistic' colour, which catches the eye easily. However, it can produce feelings of irritation, so may be best utilised as a supporting colour.
  • Orange - Similar to yellow, but can be used more liberally, because it does not cause quite the same level of irritation. Nevertheless, it is considered youthful and may appeal less to an older audience.
  • Pink - Capable of catching the eye, without overloading the senses, it provokes romantic feelings and has few negative connotations. However, it is still considered feminine and may put off some male visitors.

Therefore, effective use of bold colours on your display stand can significantly enhance your chances of success. With that said, it is important that you choose colours that send the right message, based on the nature of your business, and select colours which fit with your wider branding strategy.

If you need more advice on choice of colour for your next exhibition stand design, speak to one of our exhibition experts. Enigma has a wealth of knowledge and best practice guidelines to share in order to ensure your success.

Posted 20th July, 2016

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