Why Content Marketing Matters When Promoting Events

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Content Marketing at EventPreparation is the key to any successful event, and one of the most important parts of the preparation process is marketing. In fact, according to Inc.com, around 70 percent of all trade show attendees make a list of stands they want to visit before entering the exhibition centre, highlighting the importance of spreading the word.

However, today's consumers have greater awareness of marketing and a more cynical attitude towards it. This explains why, based on figures from Mailchimp, only 18.31 percent of marketing and advertising emails are opened. The solution to this problem may be for exhibition and event companies to adopt a content marketing strategy.

Building a Two-Way Relationship

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One of the major plus points of content marketing is the ability to develop a two-way relationship, where you give consumers something of value in exchange for their time. This is more of a give-and-take approach than traditional email marketing and is more likely to result in a positive relationship being formed between business and consumer.

When a positive relationship is formed, people are far more likely to volunteer the kind of information you want from them - email addresses, Twitter handles, etc. - so that you can reach them ahead of your event or exhibition. They are also far more likely to open an email if they already have a positive impression of your business.

“Good content marketing starts with understanding your audience,” Kursha Woodgate, MD of Mexia Communications, told the Talking Events podcast. “The key thing is to give people valuable content, and that's when they volunteer the information or email address that you're looking for.”

Producing Quality Content

Content Quality at Event

The most important aspect of any content marketing strategy is understanding the type of content your audience wishes to engage with. As ever, success comes through the creation of high-quality content formats, posted on a regular basis and tested against your content KPIs. With that said, when you think about it, companies planning events are ideally placed to create great, engaging content, which genuinely interests their target audience.

An fun countdown post about your exhibition stand design progress or releasing pre-event information about exclusive products, services or promotions that will only be available during the show, for instance, can help to make your targeted audience feel like they are part of your planning process- while simultaneously helping to build anticipation for the event itself. In the long run, this is far more useful than sending hundreds of emails to an audience who might not even open them.

Posted 14th September, 2016

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