Modular Exhibition Stands | Modular Display Systems

Be-Matrix is our system of choice for modular exhibition stands - for a number of reasons. But in one word it's revolutionary! We and our clients love it because it's affordable, shapely and versatile. It's so easy to adapt, but has stylistic acumen that regularly wins awards - and frankly, we've refined the way to marry the graphics and structure in a way that defies cost. We'd like you to see our modular display stand examples.

But let's get factual for a second…it's modular, portable and constructed from easy-to-assemble frames. (They bolt together quickly and are available in various heights and shapes.) You can have flat or curved structures. It can be used as a single unit or combined into multiples to create an extensive exhibition stand, retail display unit, signage system or point-of-sale display.

We have an extensive modular stands stock inventory, together with a range of display accessories so that you can find the solution that fits with your event's goals. Our modular exhibition system is creative, cost-effective & most innovative. 

As well as our bespoke modular stands we also offer a ready costed scalable solution, it’s called Starting Point, click here to find out more.